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happy new year …see you after a year

well this was it, we did what we planned we did what we could and yes this year is just over.

happy new year to everyone and wish you a succes and hope that your dreames came and will become true on 2008.

all the best…..

Ntelecom announces NTEL

On 12.12.07 Ntelecom announces beta version of NTEL software which turns regular pc/laptop into fully featured New Generation Phone. After successful tests inside it will be available for download during next week, this first version of the software is dedicated more for business and home use, the further developments of the software will cover the Call Center and Callshop Dialer.

Current version of Ntel operates only on Microsoft Windows based systems.
About Ntelecom
Ntelecom is part of Napair Networks and operates as a Telecom Operator in many countries worldwide and it is becoming of the fastest grooving V-Telecoms.

Tel: +381-38-544-923



yes finaly i have recieved my iphone this weekend after more than 1 month waiting, but ok,

it tooked me about 15 minutes to open the box, insert sim check the box, activate phone and then unlock using anysim,

generaly it looks good, its more an entertainment tool then a phone not a lot of phone features have been implemented but its ok, ipod feature works good,

camera is just to say it has a camera…i dont understand it really why there are no additional features for it like zoom, video recording, fast track and something like a flash-light would be more than helpful.

i have connected the phone using dock and one-two cable with my surround system it works just great,

my multiple email accounts using imap and pop3 are working great,

i have struggled to import contacts from my old phone but thanks to SIMPORT (google: simport) it helped me not to waste a lot of time bcs i didnt want to combine and mix my phone contacts with outlook contacts….and everything went ok but this is something Apple should think about.

bluetooth – i dont know maybe i didnt manage to start it but it doesnt work with me i can not see other bluetooth devices, the others see me but can not connect still to check about.

i spent over 1hour googling for a sip soft phone that can work with iphone but nething yet on the webs few companies saying they did their first calls (trufone and jajah) but i dont have a sip client installed yet, waiting checking looking

battery i dont know yet the problem is that when im not working on my cpu or im playing around with it, but it seems that the battery is not lasting a lot, 1day max i think, of course wifi always on, and not planning to turn it off neither for a test,

wifi works great at the places i have during this 3 days i have been connected immidiately and works just fine no issues untill now……

one thing i dont understand why it happenes is the “rebooting” i start an application it starts then freeze and sends me to initial screen….i think this is happening to everyone…but still no idea why is so.

conclussion a good gadget everyone must have but i think im going to order itouch for emails and music and get another phone most probably something like dual sim checking some chinese products….and maybe testing them soon.

Napair developed a website for Arberia Com

Napair Networks has succesfully developed and lounched a website for Arberia Com

protonium hosting

protonium…..a well known webiste for a long time in Kosovo finally to chnge its destination for over 3-4 years it has been used as a forum website, and in a way more dedicated to new urban culture but as things change and company gets different aproach to the market, now it is decided that protonium goes live as

as for the ones that are familiar it tells everythign for the ones that are nto familiar with this segment of it,

Protonium will be a company providing website hosting enabling you to have a website in internet a , with the staff that do have over 7 years of experience in the field of Hosting Protonium’s goal is to provide

- reliable web hosting

- value for money

- we will have only 3 packages for hosting (basic, advanced, super advanced)

- as always provide 99.9% of uptime,

- real people costumer care,

- real office people where you can meet this people and discuss your needs

and for the end i left

we do not intend to be the cheapest but not exptreme expensive as well we will be on the margins that everyone can afford to pay,

why i lef this for the end is because i wanted to elaborate this, in our market where we operate you can find i think over 100 domain registrars and web hosters how many of them are reliable 2-maybe 5 maybe 10 and 10 is to much i think, what i mean is that 90 other company wanna bies do not have a server neither a knowledge of what this is but somehow they get some fraud credit cards and make the payments for your domain with this cards and hosting as well and everything functions well for a few days/months and then it stops end you are done.

second option is that they find 2 clients get 50euro and pay for 1st month of the server, fair enaugh untill now, then they think they can get 20 clients a month x 12euro = 240 euro some good money for home business and they start to sell it at this rates and what happened by the end of 3 months is they have 10 clients amount paid is 120euro the server cost is 150eu for 3 months and they have spend all the money and of course cancel the contract for server , do not answer your phone or email and you are done again.

so by 1st of january 2008, protonium goes live and you will see the suprize.

ntelecom’s growth

as we all know now we started with Ntelecom in june,july but the ost interesting and good thing is the same growth is being kept for months in an a line so starting as of august, september, october and november now Ntelecom has a same precentage of growth (above 15% in monthly bases).

we hope to keep this trend in the next year as well,

Ntelecom is your next telecom.

Napair developed a website for LDS

Napair Networks has succesfully developed and louched a website for EAR (European Agency for Reconstruction) project in Kosova , LDS (Local Development Strategies)

Ntelecom – new rates for December

as of 1st of December 2007 Ntelecom has anounnced new rates, very agressive ones,

more info can be found at but here are some of the rates

Country Fix Mob
Germany 0.012 € 0.113 €
USA 0.013 € 0.013 €
UK 0.012 € 0.103 €
Canada 0.010 € 0.010 €
Albania 0.040 € 0.169 €
Macedonia 0.054 € 0.190 €
Kosova 0.054 € 0.210 €
Serbia 0.054 € 0.130 €
Italy 0.013 € 0.124 €
Kenya 0.068 € 0.196 €