protonium…..a well known webiste for a long time in Kosovo finally to chnge its destination for over 3-4 years it has been used as a forum website, and in a way more dedicated to new urban culture but as things change and company gets different aproach to the market, now it is decided that protonium goes live as

as for the ones that are familiar it tells everythign for the ones that are nto familiar with this segment of it,

Protonium will be a company providing website hosting enabling you to have a website in internet a , with the staff that do have over 7 years of experience in the field of Hosting Protonium’s goal is to provide

- reliable web hosting

- value for money

- we will have only 3 packages for hosting (basic, advanced, super advanced)

- as always provide 99.9% of uptime,

- real people costumer care,

- real office people where you can meet this people and discuss your needs

and for the end i left

we do not intend to be the cheapest but not exptreme expensive as well we will be on the margins that everyone can afford to pay,

why i lef this for the end is because i wanted to elaborate this, in our market where we operate you can find i think over 100 domain registrars and web hosters how many of them are reliable 2-maybe 5 maybe 10 and 10 is to much i think, what i mean is that 90 other company wanna bies do not have a server neither a knowledge of what this is but somehow they get some fraud credit cards and make the payments for your domain with this cards and hosting as well and everything functions well for a few days/months and then it stops end you are done.

second option is that they find 2 clients get 50euro and pay for 1st month of the server, fair enaugh untill now, then they think they can get 20 clients a month x 12euro = 240 euro some good money for home business and they start to sell it at this rates and what happened by the end of 3 months is they have 10 clients amount paid is 120euro the server cost is 150eu for 3 months and they have spend all the money and of course cancel the contract for server , do not answer your phone or email and you are done again.

so by 1st of january 2008, protonium goes live and you will see the suprize.