yes finaly i have recieved my iphone this weekend after more than 1 month waiting, but ok,

it tooked me about 15 minutes to open the box, insert sim check the box, activate phone and then unlock using anysim,

generaly it looks good, its more an entertainment tool then a phone not a lot of phone features have been implemented but its ok, ipod feature works good,

camera is just to say it has a camera…i dont understand it really why there are no additional features for it like zoom, video recording, fast track and something like a flash-light would be more than helpful.

i have connected the phone using dock and one-two cable with my surround system it works just great,

my multiple email accounts using imap and pop3 are working great,

i have struggled to import contacts from my old phone but thanks to SIMPORT (google: simport) it helped me not to waste a lot of time bcs i didnt want to combine and mix my phone contacts with outlook contacts….and everything went ok but this is something Apple should think about.

bluetooth – i dont know maybe i didnt manage to start it but it doesnt work with me i can not see other bluetooth devices, the others see me but can not connect still to check about.

i spent over 1hour googling for a sip soft phone that can work with iphone but nething yet on the webs few companies saying they did their first calls (trufone and jajah) but i dont have a sip client installed yet, waiting checking looking

battery i dont know yet the problem is that when im not working on my cpu or im playing around with it, but it seems that the battery is not lasting a lot, 1day max i think, of course wifi always on, and not planning to turn it off neither for a test,

wifi works great at the places i have during this 3 days i have been connected immidiately and works just fine no issues untill now……

one thing i dont understand why it happenes is the “rebooting” i start an application it starts then freeze and sends me to initial screen….i think this is happening to everyone…but still no idea why is so.

conclussion a good gadget everyone must have but i think im going to order itouch for emails and music and get another phone most probably something like dual sim checking some chinese products….and maybe testing them soon.