so after almost a month with no updates and news lets see what was going on

first had a good holiday after the new year,
and then came back to the reality of hard working, another news is that i changed my car moved from opel vectra B to peugeot 307 (i think i made a good choice).

Ntelecom is present in many new countries, and yes Ntelecom has its mascote now and we will call him Neutron

Napair networks website will be published in begining of february

Protonium’s website will be published in the middle of february

Most of the marketing materials came out from printing, they are being delivered now.

GET your 5

Get your 5% extra calling time – is a new compaing starting end of january and ending 29th of february 2008, this will be the great offer to all new potential clients.
New Packages that are comming

let me work on now and ill update everything during this week.