yesterday and today 12-13/05/08 the ministry of public services organised the conference regarding e-goverment ,

i was able to attend only the second day because of my obligations on monday :) and yes it was good, many good presentations were given and many good examples were shown out there,

in a way now our goverment knows that they should concentrate to create the base in order to move forward and the most important what should be done and what not when everything starts to move.

an interesting fact was that Austria has developed over 10,000 applications that are being used for e-governance.

another one is that Slovenia is among the second countries on the matter of e-governance development.

and the last 2 recomandations

- 1 e-archive – everything should be done in-house or in-country and goverment should be very carefull with hardware….and again hardware.

- 2 application development, infrastructure development, application maintenance and infrastructure maintenance should be outsourced only and only to local companies!

so yeap it was a good one and hope things start to move on this section.