ok we have been very busy during this time, so what we were doing

- our billing and sip platform is now upgraded to latest release

- we have new interconnecion partners

- we are working on upgrading routes and soon we expect to have all our routes only on premium level,

- we are thinking on changing the company strategy regarding products

- we are in final stages with Moneybookers regarding agreement with them

- we have now many direct routes for the region

- we will soon introduce into production the new h323 platform

- yeap we have many new clients ( i want personaly to say HI to everyone from here)

- we are going to have a hot summer as we expect to have about 3 time more traffic so we must have a rocking service

this was for Ntelecom -

while what was going on in Napair Networks

we delivered and installed a new IBM Server for AFK

we developed a new website for Lui Paster – http://www.luipaster-ks.com/

continued with other regular contracts and obligations