the most interesting thing in UK advertisements as i got used to see…in the other countries almost 50% of advertisements are comming from mobile and other telecomunication companies but not in UK (forgot they are different :) )

so for about 20 hours of my stay in london in and around it i saw only one Vodafone billboard and that was at the entrance of the Heathrow Airport again from my point of view it was wrong as i/and others seing it was/were already leaving UK and it was being used for promoting

Roam with Vodafone – with a “kind of” Bob Marley Picture :(

during the drive and walk on the city i saw only one and single O2 shop (was closed it was after 22:00 ) and another vodafone shop at the airport when i was just flying away but for curiosity i checked for a Usb gprs/edge modem they had it but you should be quite crazy before buying it

you have to make a 99 pound (thats 140 euro approx) in order to have it, then you have to sign a 12 month contract as minimum and make monthly payments of 15 pound (22euro approx) and yes the most important you cant use it with other providers so i had to great them and walk away.

so the country where 2 of the largest world telecoms were born/created do not spend on marketing…(bt and vodafone)

the other interesting thing … i didnt find a free hot spot internet … nothing is free in london