d3 mobile new and first MVNO is almost starting i think its matter of days now,,, d3 mobile is part of Dukagjini cooperations and this is thier third time trying to get into mobile business but this time they are in i think…but before seeing thier numbers being sold we cant be sure as 2 times earlier they didnt because of external factors, first time dukagjini and mobitel slovenia together were in the race for second mobile operator license in kosovo TRA granted the license but xyz reasons came up from UNMIK and the whole process was stopped,

last year when second tender for 2nd mobile operator was oppened Kujtesa, Dukagjini and 2 other companies created a consorcium Kosmocell (i think) and again won and recieved the license but the foreign companies failed to find the money 77million euros (i think) and they lost again so Ipko, telecom slovenia and mobitel were granted the license and they paid,

and now 1 year later they are trying for the 3rd time to start MVNO called d3 (i think 3 comes from albanian proverb e treta e verteta)

what can be impact what they will do

ipkos entrance had a big impact on prices the prices went down by 50%
new services were added ( credit transfer, missed call sms, gprs/edge internet, 5 favorite numbers)

so end users have beneffited from (even once)

but will d3 now push ipko and vala to re check their pricing?
will ipko let d3 what ever they want?
will d3 be able to act better then ipko knowing that ipko was not able o grab a lot from the market share
will people switch to d3? and will they maintain them (clients)

so on this questions i will be able to answer in about 6 months from now, hope everything goes as per thier plans as at the end we benefit from this (WE = end users) but from my point of view as other would say adding my 2 cents into this the key of success for ipko and new d3 is locked

and they should do something to unlock that, if they plan to get into a race of having equal market shares with vala and in order to that they should ask TRA for price reconfiguration and only for calls from Vala to IPKO (inlcuding d3) having at least same pricing or as from ipko to vala and the opposite from vala to ipko is the main factor which is blocking ipko from further growth, and another important comment make your packages simple and not complicate them with a mix of this and that (when you make prepaid let it be prepaid, when you make postpaid let it be postpaid, everything we do is risky so you should take the risk as well you cant be 100% secured as we are not as well)

so a warm welcome for d3 into mobile market hope they will use the creativity and be able to implement their visions and not reach obsticals which divert them from a profit and clients.

ill continue this analyze in june sometime


this will have have some impact on kosovo mobile business thats for sure but who will beneffit and who will loose is still an enigma knwing that 1. d3 is offering services using ipko infrastructure but they are not as open as they should be ..they think on their own way,
2. ipko was not able to take a big number of customers from vala many reasons