hey wassuuuup, (meaning we are happy)

yes so we have made major infrastructure update and upgrades, will be fully completed before the end of the year but mos important is finished, so now we have a high reliable
- wholesale infrastructure
- calling card infrastructure
- callshop infrastructure

everything running on h323 and sip at the same time,
protocol conversion both ways sip/h323 and h323/sip

as we already have up and running pc to phone (ntel) infrastructure we are looking for upgrading it specialy for firewall bypass issued (more info will be posted soon)
new interconnections are being negociated we are looking to have new partners

new clients joining our family everyday and beneffiting from our services

currently we are working hard that before the end of the year to issue a complete package of Balkan Mobiles (kosovo, albania, macedonia, serbia, montenegro) all of them hgh quality routes with very reasonable price…so this new package will be designed for wholesale carriers who are looking for a solution not for a cheap price with fas routing.