something telecoms hate but all of them are implementing is Unlimited Packages so from all my experience and discussions i had with Executives @ telcos and blogs i read none of them is happy to implement such packages,

- most of them do it because they have to,

- others do becuae they think thats cool,

- others do it to kill to competition,

- and some just implement it because others did.

so the reason of this post is the new product of Vala (Kosovo’s first Mobile Operator) as of friday 12th of December 2008 they implemented the first unlimited package in Kosovo so what they did is really cool i like it, they advertise it as free weekend but i would rather call 1euro weekend meaning for 1 euro which you prepay you speak as much as you can to over 850,000 subscribers of vala for only 1euro  isnt that great?

i have been using AT&T while i was in USA few months ago and their offer was simillar 1USD per day and you talk unlimited to all AT&T users thats good as well the differnce is that this was available everyday and in Vala only weekends but this is just the begining im sure of that.

so i expect that latest in mid January vala will be offering full unlimited for postpaid users and i assume this will cost not more then current Vala extra package 20euro + 3euro VAT total 23euro

the other news is  Conference Call this is first time product as well and works only for postpaid users i tested it today and works great …i wil enjoy using it in the future gives you more abbilities in business specialy in decission making or deal making…

so in less then a year from 2nd most expensive country in reagion for usage of Mobile Phones with least services in the region we became the cheapest one in the region thats good for us (i dont know for operators)

and other new service from Ipko is ring back tone is being promoted it will be free for 1 month then i dont know they will charge something its kind of good product but hope people dont get confused when they call me…i dont see it very popular in other places while its very used in asian countries specialy Thailand :) Kosovo vs Thailand. i added mine so will see how people act when they call me there :) while i was posting this i just tested by calling my self from other then ipko network and results are as follows
calling from PTK fix network you hear a standard ring back tone
calling from Vala network you hear you custom ring back tone

and the last news for tonight is d3-mobile is lounching tomorrow but first infos i heard is that nothing spectacular is going to happen, they will be in same level with Ipko prices so more expensive then Vala,  i will not speculate anything else but wait till tomorrow when we se their offers

enaugh for tonight