UK air passengers can now use their mobile phones to make calls and send SMS and email messages while in the air. Budget airline Ryanair is offering the service on 22 of its aircrafts but the cost of using the service adds up to more than the flight itself.

Phone calls will cost between £1.50 and £3 per minute, emails will set you back £1 to £2 each and text messages are 40p per message sent. It costs nothing to receive text messages but you’ll be charged to receive phone calls.

Only Vodafone and O2 customers can use the service and a maximum of six people on the flight will be allowed to use their mobile phones at any given time.

The introduction of the service is likely to make Ryanair flights louder and more boisterous. However, Michael O’Leary, the company’s chief executive, has little sympathy for passengers trying to catch up on sleep or hoping for a little peace and quiet on their trip.

“I have no patience with the approach that says people don’t want to use their mobile phones in-flight,” he told The Guardian. “You don’t take a flight to contemplate your life in silence. Our services are not cathedral-like sanctuaries. Anyone who looks like sleeping, we wake them up to sell them things.

“We will be encouraging our passengers to make as many calls as possible because that will lower our costs and boost our revenues.”

Ryanair has taken three years to introduce the mobile phone service. The company had announced that the service will be launched “soon” back in 2006.