German telecommunications regulator BNA has lowered the mobile termination fees from EUR 0.0792 per minute to EUR 0.0659 per minute for T-Mobile Germany and Vodafone Germany and from EUR 0.088 per minute to EUR 0.0714 per minute for E-Plus and O2 Germany. The new MTA fees are valid until 30 November 2010. The decrease amounts to 16 percent for T-Mobile and Vodafone and to 19 percent for O2 and E-Plus. The reduction is based on the strong growth in mobile voice and data use since the last MTA fee reduction, while it also reflects the redistribution of costs due to volume shifts from fixed networks to mobile networks, according to BNA president Matthias Kurth. The new MTA fee cost calculation model was able to directly calculate the costs for T-Mobile and Vodafone instead of deriving those costs from the calculation model used for E-Plus and O2 and includes network expansion, enhancement and management costs as well as the costs of the UMTS licences, based on their current value