First Kosovar mobil operator “Vala” (owned by PTK) has annouced a price increase last week, with a title

VALA with a lot of novelties  

sthe novalties are that the price of call has been increased from 0.08 EUR to 0.09 EUR (huuuraaaayyy) so what are they are trying to do is not very clear, beside all of this Vala never informed anyone publicly that they have changed the billing fragment from 60/12 to 60/15 only the ones looking at the website of VALA can find that out.

beside all of this they never ever mentioned anywhere that they have stopped and changed the rate of recharging vouchers, till very late Vala was charging

18 euro for 20 euro recharging voucher
36 euro for 40 euro recharging voucher
43 euro for 50 euro recharging voucher

so Vala is forgetting that they are a public company and they should inform people what they are doing and why they are doing these things.

some rummors out are saying that soon the second minute will be charged at 0.10 EUR

so Vala i think is preparing the market for the new entrant into mobile business in Kosovo Dardaphone (MVNO),  in other hand IPKO  will announce new products in a matter of days D3 (MVNO) as well so the idea is that everyone will try to go into 0.09 EUR/min.