Yesterday the Government of Serbia officially started the process of privatization/sale of 40% of shares in Telecom Serbia, they are expecting to complete the deal before the end of this year. With the latest evaluation they expect over 2 billion euro payout for the shares.

Most aggressive buyer is considered Deutche Telecom who already owes 5% of shares through its subsidiary OTE, this purchase will give a great power to DT for the Balkans region as they are already present in Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary.

Telekom Serbia has the largest (and only) fixed network in Serbia, currently its the biggest regional Internet  (Data) Provider, owns the  largest market share in Mobile Services in Serbia (MTS), owner of 100% of the shares in Telekom Srpske (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and even though not mentioned that this will be included or not, Telekom Serbia owns majority of the shares in MTEL Montenegro (mobile and wimax services).

 Everyone would be willing to buy it,