Orange and T-Mobile have announced that their UK JV will be called Everything Everywhere (EE). The JV will run the mobile networks, while retaining the separate T-Mobile and Orange brands. Each network will still have its own shops, marketing campaigns, propositions and service centres. But behind the scenes, the two networks will be run by the new JV Everything Everywhere. All 16,500 employees of the enlarged group will work for Everything Everywhere, which will be officially integrated on 01 July with Tom Alexander as CEO and Richard Moat as CFO and deputy chief executive.

He said that the combined networks would offer unsurpassed coverage and capacity and will lead the communications revolution to give customers instant access to everything, everywhere. For customers it will mean bigger network and better coverage, while reducing the number of stations and sites. Later in 2010, customers will experience the first benefits of the merger, with the ability to roam across both networks at no additional cost. Combined, T-Mobile and Orange have 30.23 million customers (as of 31 March and excluding wholesale and partner network customer base). This includes 18.24 million pre-paid and 11.20 million post-paid mobile customers, and 0.86 million fixed-line internet customers. They will also have a combined retail store base of 713.