On Monday the Council of the European Union approved setting up the EU’s Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications office in Riga, the first EU institution to be built in Latvia.

The office is set to be built this year, and it’s unclear how many jobs the institution will create. It’s primary purpose is to regulate the telecoms industry within the EU and it will replace the less centralized European Regulators Group, the group through which national regulatory authorities of EU member states exchange expertise and best practice and gave opinions on the functioning of the telecoms market in the EU.

The Latvian government welcomed the decision, and Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis thanked those who lobbied for Riga in Brussels. “This entirely positive decision was taken thanks to three months of intensive and professional expert consultation work by the transport ministry, prime minister’s office, and foreign affairs ministry. This is an example of successful lobbying,” Dombrovskis said in a statement to the press.

 Latvia is the second Baltic state to get an EU agency — the European Institute for Gender Equality opened in Lithuania last year.