France Telecom and TDC have terminated their agreement concerning the planned merger of Orange Switzerland and TDC subsidiary Sunrise. France Telecom and TDC recently concluded a detailed analysis of their available options. The decision follows the Swiss Competition Commission’s 22 April decision, which prohibited the combination of Orange Switzerland and Sunrise Communications. The merger was announced on 25 November 2009, with France Telecom paying a net EUR 1.5 billion to TDC as part of the deal, which would have seen the French operator become a 75 percent shareholder in the combined entity and TDC holding the remaining 25 percent. Following the termination announcement, France Telecom reiterated its lasting commitment to Switzerland with Olaf Swantee, Executive Vice President Europe, saying that although the company is very disappointed that the planned merger with Sunrise will not be implemented, Orange will continue to invest in Switzerland. At the same time, Orange Switzerland has put together a revised strategy including a reorganisation of the marketing and sales structure focusing on SMEs and providing digital entertainment. Orange will provide the details of its new strategy and upcoming services at the end of June