The cost of using a mobile phone while roaming in the EU will drop again from 1 July. The maximum price for making a call will fall to EUR 0.39 from EUR 0.43 (excluding VAT), and receiving a call will cost at most EUR 0.15 per minute, down from EUR 0.19. In addition, wholesale prices for data roaming will be cut to EUR 0.80 per MB from EUR 1. Mobile operators will also be required to set data roaming spending limits for their customers. The default amount is EUR 50 per month, although customers can choose to set a different level or opt out of a cap. Operators will have to send users a warning when they reach 80 percent of their data-roaming bill limit and cut off access to the data service once the full limit is reached. The measures aimed at preventing “bill shock” started in March, when mobile operators were required to start offering customers the possibility of setting a maximum spend for data roaming. From 1 July, if customers have not chosen a different cut-off level, operators will have to impose a monthly default cut-off for data roaming of EUR 50 excluding VAT. For non-eurozone countries, the amount will be calculated based on the exchange rate published in the EU’s Official Journal as of 1 June. Finally, receiving a voicemail message while roaming, indicating that a new voicemail has arrived, will become free of charge, but consumers will continue to be charged for listening to their voicemail messages. Prices for sending SMS will remain at EUR 0.11 per message.