New universal service obligations for Finnish telecom operators will take effect in the beginning of July as broadband access will be considered a basic communications service from next month. Under the terms of the new regulation, telecom operators defined as universal service providers must be able to provide every permanent residence and business office with access to a reasonably priced and high-quality internet connection with a downstream rate of at least 1 Mbps. Last year, Finland’s Communications Market Act was amended to add functional internet connections to the universal service. Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has defined the minimum rate of downstream traffic of a functional internet connection to be 1 Mbps, whereas the Finnish communications regulatory authority Ficora has designated 26 telecom operators across Finland as universal service operators. Ficora monitors the pricing of the broadband universal service provided by universal service providers and draws comparisons to the price level of other communications services. In Ficora’s view, a monthly fee of EUR 30 to EUR 40 would be reasonable in most cases. Ficora does not have the mandate to, for example, determine a price cap for a universal service subscription in advance. A reasonable delivery time and price are determined case-specifically.