Apple is facing already a lawsuit over the reception problems with its new iPhone 4. A New Jersey resident and a Massachusetts resident who had bought the new mobile phone filed separate complaints in federal court in San Francisco, each seeking to represent other iPhone buyers in a class-action lawsuit, news wires reports. A separate complaint was filed in Maryland, alleging Apple and AT&T were negligent in marketing the phone. Within days of the iPhone 4′s launch, consumers were reporting problems making and receiving calls. Apple attributed this to the placement of the antenna in the phone, which may be covered when consumers use their left hand to hold the handset to their face. “Apple’s sale of the iPhone with this unannounced defect, assuming Apple’s prior knowledge of the defect, constitutes misrepresentation and fraud,” Christopher Dydyk of Cambridge, Massachusetts, said in his complaint. “In omitting to disclose the defect in the iPhone 4, Apple perpetrated a massive fraud upon hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting customers.” Apple, which sold more than 1.7 million of the new phones in its first three days, has recommended users hold the phone differently or use a case to solve the problem. Dydyk, in his complaint, asked that Apple ship a case for free to customers who pre-ordered an iPhone 4 before its release or that the company be ordered to pay for customers’ cases.