Milan prosecutors are investigating whether Telecom Italia has manipulated the market in a case involving the issue of false pre-paid SIM cards in the 2006-2008 period, Dow Jones reports, citing an Italian tax police statement. Prosecutors are investigating whether the alleged fraud had an impact on the operator’s accounts and share value up to 2007. Following a probe conducted by the tax police of the Northern city of Vicenza, 30 people are being investigated for computer fraud, including some Telecom Italia employees and dealers. According to tax police data, around 37,000 SIM cards were fraudulently activated, with some named to deceased or fictitious people. Telecom Italia said the probe was initially rolled out in 2007 by the Vicenza Public Prosecutors Office and was previously disclosed in reports filed with the company’s 2008 and 2009 annual financial statements. The Italian operator also said current management has been fully cooperating with investigators and undertook “a drastic change of direction”, with the effect of “considerably reducing” these practices.