The 5 billionth mobile subscription was recorded on 8 July, according to Ericsson estimates based on industry information. In the year 2000, about 720 million people had mobile subscriptions, less than the amount of users China alone has today. Mobile broadband subscriptions are growing at a similar pace and are expected to amount to more than 3.4 billion by 2015 (from 360 million in 2009). Studies show that soon 80 percent of all people accessing the internet will be doing so using their mobile device. In developing countries, mobile subscriptions allow people who do not have access to a bank or a bank account to transfer money. In more mature markets, connected devices rather than people, are driving the increase in network traffic. According to Ericsson’s vision, 50 billion connections will be reached within this decade. The communication landscape is changing rapidly and in December of last year, another milestone was reached when the amount of data traffic carried over mobile networks exceeded the amount of traffic generated from voice calls. Machine-to-machine communications (M2M) will be a key component in the future growth of the mobile industry. For energy companies, it could be smart meters that read themselves, increase business efficiency and cut operational expenses. In transportation, tracking products improve route optimisation and safety for vehicles on the road. Digital signs that can be updated remotely, cameras that can send pictures halfway around the world and even a soda machine that requests restocking when needed are other examples that M2M technology make possible