Apple is offering customers a free case with its iPhone 4, in an attempt to prevent any further reception problems with the phone. In a press conference on 16 July, Apple said it will provide a refund for any customers who have bought one of its ‘bumpers’ for the phone and include a case with any iPhone sold until September. CEO Steve Jobs continued to defend the phone, saying the reception issues are a problem for all handsets. During the press conference, he showed videos that seemed to show the same problem with the BlackBerry 9700, HTC Droid Eris and the Samsung Omnia. Job said about one in 200 buyers had called Apple’s customer service line with questions about reception problems, while return rates for the phone at US Carrier AT&T have been lower than the iPhone 3GS, at 1.7 percent versus 6 percent. Apple also disclosed that it has sold a total 3 million of the iPhone 4 since its launch, suggesting sales have slowed significantly since the 1.7 million sold in its first three days.