Consumer Reports said it would not recommend the iPhone 4 because of a hardware flaw with its antenna that sometimes resulted in dropped calls. The independent consumer magazine also cast doubt on Apple’s recent explanation that a software bug had caused the widely reported problem. While Consumer Reports did not warn consumers to not buy the iPhone 4, it said it would not recommend the device as it did for the previous version, the 3GS. After users reported problems with signal strength and dropped calls when they touched the lower-left portion of the phone, Apple suggested that consumers hold the phone differently or use one of many bumpers to insulate the antenna. It also said that all phones suffered from similar problems when they were cradled a certain way. Later, Apple said it had found that because of a longstanding software bug, the iPhone 4, and its predecessors, often overstated signal strength. The company promised a fix soon. Consumer Reports# comments challenged those explanations. Testers said the antenna loses strength and that other smartphones did not experience similar problems.