Despite concerns that 3D technology could leave a not-inconsiderable number of the population cold, LG Electronics is forging ahead with a trio of new 3D products: a gaming laptop, a monitor, and a projector. The laptop is the most impressive of the three: featuring a 15.6in 3D-ready display powered by an Nvidia GeForce GT 335M graphics card with 1GB of dedicated memory and including an Intel Core i7 processor, it’s a powerful device. An integral Blu-ray drive is included for both 2D and 3D high-definition content. Interestingly, LG has chosen to go down the route of passive, polarised glasses for its 3D display rather than active shutter glasses, citing the lack of internal circuitry and batteries as making the glasses “easy and convenient to carry.” If the 15.6in display of LG’s laptop isn’t to your taste, the company also has a 23in full-HD monitor on the cards: the W63D. With a 120Hz refresh rate to minimize flicker when used with shutter glasses and a 70,000:1 contrast ratio, the specifications are definitely impressive – and LG has included a specific mode for gaming, which the company claims optimises the set-up process. Finally, LG’s last product is the CF3D, a projector designed to transmit full HD 3D footage through a single lens – again for use with polarised glasses. Interestingly, LG is stating that it will be shipping six pairs with every projector – enough for most households to get started straight away. All three products are rolling out world-wide imminently, although LG has yet to confirm precise dates or pricing for the UK.