Telefonica Europe has launched a Jajah IP communications-based offer for customers of its O2 Germany subsidiary and said it planned to roll the service out across its European footprint in the coming months. O2 Global Friends allows mobile phone customers to save money by dialling a local number to make international calls. O2 customers can choose five friends who are abroad for whom O2 Global Friends gives them a local number they can call anytime. The service launch, billed as the first mobile VoIP offer by a major operator, comes only six months after Telefonica acquired Jajah. Telefonica Europe said O2′s rollout of the Jajah-powered services will be supported by a major mainstream marketing and ad campaign. Jajah CEO Trevor Healy sees the new service as reflecting the benefits of combining innovation with scale through the tie-up between a Silicon Valley start-up and one of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies. “The introduction of an IP-based calling service by a mainstream carrier shows the maturity of this market and we can expect other telcos to follow with similar services”, commented Gartner principal analyst Charlotte Patrick.