Orange Moldova has organised a public demonstration of LTE technology in Moldova’s capital Chisinau. As of 14-15 July, the technology can be tested in Orange’s shop located on the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, Chisinau. The move comes a year and a half after Orange introduced 3G+ services such as ‘Internet acum’ offering download speeds of up to 21 Mbps and HD Voce. Since then, over 100,000 Orange clients downloaded more than 1 MB per month using 3G. Orange prepared the live demonstration in cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent, Orange Labs, Moldova’s telecommunications authority Anrceti, and Moldova’s Telecommunications Ministry. The demonstration’s purpose is to help Orange better understand the possibilities offered by LTE technology before implementing it across the entire country in the years to come. The event took part in the presence of local and international managers of Orange’s LTE project, of local officials as well as media representatives. In Moldova, 78 percent of inhabitants use mobile telephony. At the same time, 9 percent of the population and 26 percent of the households have access to the internet.