The UAE will suspend use of BlackBerry services in October, citing concerns about security risks. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said it would halt BlackBerry services from 11 October until they are in compliance with UAE regulations. Users were advised to seek alternatives at mobile operators Etisalat and Du. Mohammed Al Ghanem, director general of the TRA, told Reuters it’s a final decision, but the regulator is still continuing discussions with BlackBerry owner Research In Motion. The UAE objects to Blackberry data being exported offshore and managed by a “foreign, commercial operation”. In their current form, certain Blackberry services allow users to act without any legal accountability, causing judicial, social and national security concerns for the UAE, the state news agency said. Etisalat and Du confirmed they will comply with the TRA’s decision and said they were looking to deliver alternatives to BlackBerry customers. Du said that customers would be able to continue using their BlackBerry handsets for voice, SMS, MMS and web browsing, but not for the BlackBerry service.