The World Trade Organisation has ruled that European Union duties on certain electronics products broke international rules, the Financial Times writes. The decision claims that the EU violated its WTO obligations when it imposed tariffs on goods such as cable set-top boxes, computer monitors and certain printers that were developed after a 1996 agreement to eliminate trade barriers on technology goods. The case was brought by the US, Japan and Taiwan in May 2008, which insisted that the Information Technology Agreement, which slashed tariffs on a wide range of technology products, should account for technological changes and cover goods created in subsequent years. The EU countered that many of these products should be classified as consumer goods rather than technology products, allowing it to impose tariffs of up to 14 percent. It had argued, for example, that flat-panel computer screens that could be used to watch videos were more akin to televisions than to IT products. The European Commission said it would not comment before reading the 700-page report. It has two months in which to lodge an appeal.