Sweden’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .se has the highest local value in terms of top-level domain awareness, relevance and preference in Europe, according to a study by the organisation that administers the European top-level .eu domain, EURid. EURid’s report shows that Sweden leads in Europe, along with the Czech Republic and Germany, in terms of citizens’ preference towards top-level domains. According to EURid’s ccTLD brand strength classification, .se is first with 234 out of 250 points, ahead of Czech Republic’s .cz with 218, Germany’s .de with 215, .com with 208, Denmark’s .dk with 207, .local with 197, UK’s .co.uk with 191, Spain’s .es with 180 , Italy’s .it with 178, France’s .fr with 171, .org with 115, .net with 112, .eu with 98, .info with 65, and .biz with 55. In Sweden, .se scored nearly 100 percent in awareness, close to 90 percent in terms of relevance (highest in Europe) and 49 percent for preference, compared with 34 percent for the competing top-level .com domain. This means that all respondents know that .se exists and nearly everyone considers it relevant to use the top-level .se domain in Sweden. EURid’s report also shows that nearly 50 percent prefer .se to other top-level domains in the Swedish market. In December 2009, Statistics Sweden stated in a report that the .se domain dominates the Swedish market, while .com is losing ground. EURid suggests this trend is continuing.